Monday, August 15, 2011

Can't Sleep

It's now 6am. I didn't get sleepy enough for bed till about 12:30am, and then because of a nameless few, I wasn't able to rest enough for sleep until after 1:30am. At 5am, I started the flip/flop toss and at 5:30 I was awake and in the bathroom using a waterpick on my teeth. Now it's 6am and I'm sitting in a dark livingroom with a laptop in my lap and a yawn on my face. Looks like the makings of a long day ahead.

So for today's goals, I hope to accomplish a few things:
  • take pictures of Manti for his missionary plaque
  • pick up my paycheck
  • deposit my paycheck
  • pay the water bill
  • print a good picture of Manti at Walmart
  • buy a pair of shoes for Jared
  • pick up a few small items on Manti's missionary list
  • get stuff for supper
  • take Manti to get shots they couldn't do the other day
  • talk Mesa into doing some household chores (like cooking supper!)
Is that enough of a 'to do' list? Please say yes.
Tomorrow I have to go to Douglasville for an appointment, and then Wednesday morning Mesa and I will be going to a lady's house to clean for her (trying to make a few extra dollars so ends have a better chance of meeting). After that is cub scouts and I'm taking the boys to the police department for a tour. [We moms are hoping we can play with their chalk and draw outlines on the sidewalk of the boys. :D ] Thursday I work, Friday the kids are going out on a group date and Saturday I work. Maybe next Sunday there will be time for a nap!

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