Saturday, August 6, 2011

Counting Blessings

I find myself complaining far too often,...or moping...or dragging...or whining...or pouting....

Today, I want to count some blessings.

  1. I have no house payment.
    Normally, where my house is concerned, I have nothing but complaints. After all, it was formerly the property of my inlaws, people who didn't like me and didn't hide that fact. It's also the ugliest house I think I've ever seen. It's never clean and its not comfortable and it's too small for our family,...... BUT.....
    I make no payments on it. It is free and clear and all we have to do is live in it. Not many people I know can count THAT blessing for themselves, so I'm quite fortunate.
  2. My children love the gospel.
    I never realized how many LDS families struggle with this. I don't envy their situations at all. I don't "pity" them...don't misunderstand me here....but I recognize that I am VERY blessed that of all struggles in this life, my children's testimonies keep them choosing the right.
  3. My basic needs are met.
    Tommy and I have been married for 22 years now. In all that time, we've had about 6 months where we had enough money to do more than ONLY care for the basics. Our children only understand poverty, and I have always hated that. children have always had food to eat, clothes to wear, a warm dry home to live in, family to love them,.... I really do have it pretty good.
  4. I'm pretty talented!
    That one is harder to say, but this is MY blog and I can use it for self-help purposes if I want to. And no matter what that nut-job lady said the other day,...I have several talents:
    a. music (I can read it, play it, lead it, sing it, enjoy it, "experience" it, share it, and more!) I'm not the very best at any of that (my sister is!), but I'm good enough to be able to teach others and improve myself when I take time to try.
    b. poetry (Again, I'm not the best writer, but I can rhyme and I can reason and I got rhythm.)
    c. herbs (I certainly don't know it all, or even a lot,...but what I know is good and helps people who can't afford medical professionals or drugs, or who prefer a natural route)
    d. beadwork (I can do it, and I use the itty bitty size seed beads)
    e. creativity (I have it! I can come up with all sorts of things in all sorts of categories. Whether I'm teaching or creating, I can do it in an interesting way.)
    f. loyalty (I can't help it, once I decide to be loyal to someone or something, I'm firmly loyal)
  5. My husband loves me.
    He and I have bumps in our road sometimes, but even in spite of that, he loves me. Lately, he's trying harder than ever to prove that to me because he sees me going through hard times and wants desperately to help me through. THAT is a blessing!
  6. My cars work!
    They desperately need to be washed. They desperately need cleaning on the inside. They desperately need new tires. In spite of all that, they keep on running and take me where I need to go AND they blow cold air on my face as we go.
  7. Julie Slack
    A few weeks ago, Manti got his mission call and I got a shock to my system. For every ounce of joy and excitement I felt, I felt the same amount of hysteria and sadness. No matter how I was feeling, the daunting task of preparing my child to leave me had to begin. Emotions of every kind racing through all of us ensured us some argumentative moments- until I stumbled upon a missionary group on facebook...and a post made by Elder Slack's mother, Julie. Her son is in the same mission that Manti will go to, so she has insight into what I can expect. Every single day, she has metaphorically held my hand and walked me through this test of my faith. She has inspirational thoughts, videos taken inside the MTC, pictures of New Mexico and some of the missionaries there, and stories of her own experiences as a missionary mom that have served as comfort for me. I absolutely feel like she's giving me a warm fuzzy blanket and wrapping it around me to soothe my heart. She is DEFINITELY a blessing!
  8. My family
    This includes my children, my husband, my inlaws across the street, my siblings, my parents, my grandparents (even those passed away), my aunts/uncles, .... and I include those dear close friends who might as well be family. These are the people who pick my head up and hold it high on the days I just can't.
The list should be longer, but these 8 have stood out brightly to me today, they get counted right now. I'm so thankful for all,....Thank you, Heavenly Father! Thank you!

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  1. And thank You, Heavenly Father, for this daughter of mine. She lights up my life.