Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Educating Children....The Hard Way!

My children are learning biology...whether I like it or not!

Morgan (while observing our rabbits) :
"Attack of the killer rabbit-- WAIT!--why is he attacking?"


Jared (while observing the same rabbits):
"DADDY! I think one of the rabbits just laid an egg!"

*glad it's not Easter!*

Jared had a special tiny glass. Morgan accidentally broke it. Jared was totally distraught, so I promised if he'd wait for Monday, I'd take him on a special "Jared Day" and we'd buy a new glass. So Monday morning came and Jared got up early. He went into my dresser and laid out clothes for me. When I got up, I found them (and him proudly waiting for me), so I started getting dressed. He announced to me...
"I got you everything but your boobs!"


Conversation this morning:
Mesa, frantically looking down and all around- "WHY??"
Jared- "Your boobs are there!"

I guess it's time for a bit of a talk with my boys.