Thursday, August 4, 2011

Title Pic Change

If you've followed my blog much, one thing you will notice today is that the picture at the top of my blog changed. No, I didn't do anything to Tommy. He is safe and sound :)

I changed the picture for a reason. My life has always been all about my family.....ALL about my family. It's been almost NONE about me. That's not really something that bothers me (no matter what you might think by the removal of Tommy's picture), but it has come to my attention that I'm that way.

Well think about this:
If you go to the fridge and pour all members of your family a drink everyday,....every single day,....not missing even one day,.....evvvvvery single day.... there will likely come a time when they forget how to get themselves a drink. There is likely to come a day when something happens to those working hands and you aren't able to get them a drink for a couple days. Are your family members now handicapped? Are they going to go through some emotional upsets because they just can't quite remember how to do it for themselves?

That might be extreme, but little things like that DO happen. I tend to do things to make my family depend on me. It disturbs me when they don't need me, in fact I cried the other day because Manti was able to go to the DMV and renew his drivers license without me. That's kind of a wake up call!

Now I'm not suggesting to love your family any less, or that I love MY family any less. I just feel like perhaps allowing them to do for themselves is a bigger service than loving them to death is.

At the same time, I feel quite burdened by my own efforts to do it all. The stress and weight of EVERYTHING is just more than a body can physically endure, and there WILL come a time (ahem, we're there) when the body just can't keep getting drinks for everybody and it stops working right. So that means I have to step back once in a while and let them get their own drinks (for their own good) and go catch a deep breath of fresh outside air (for my own good). This lets me be able to get them drinks tomorrow! It lets me be here longer to love them longer.

So I changed my picture because I'll know everytime I log in to this blog that this is a MARIANNA MOMENT,....and its my time to breathe.


  1. Oh Wow, I changed how my blog reader displays posts and I can now see your blog, background and all and I can even post too!
    Love that picture of you, Mar! I am so happy that you are taking time for yourself. It's about time!

  2. Wonderful picture of my wonderful daughter! I'm glad you are starting to recognize that YOU are just as important as your family. Never hesitate to take time for yourself. Your kids are old enough to do lots of things for themselves, and you are wise enough to know when they really do need help. Now take care of Marianna--go enjoy that fresh outside air some more!