Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Ends Meet -- Recognizing Blessings

When Tommy got hurt back in 2003, that nice paying job he had became a memory. We went back to struggling to make it and haven't really gotten past that too much even since then. I got a part-time job and it definitely helps. Even still, with 4 kids at home, stuff STILL comes up on a constant basis and makes life hard.

THEN Manti's mission call came in and reality hit me so hard I just collapsed into an emotional puddle for a few days. Everybody (well some people said it nicely, but not all) told me I needed to get over myself and look forward to the blessings that would come to because of his service. Enough of them have said that (that it made me mad, first and foremost!) till I decided OK FINE! So I'm looking, and I mean I am really LOOKING for those promised blessings!

Well, a lady I work with mentioned me needing extra work to a client of hers. Next thing I know, the lady comes in to the shop where I work and asks me to come do some housekeeping for her. I asked if I could bring Mesa (who has pleaded for a job for over a year now) and she said yes! YAY! A little extra money helps!

The day came and Mesa and I drove out to her house. I was blown away by the number of figurines she wanted dusted, but you know what? That was a blessing because although it's tedious, it isn't strenuous and my body is demanding I not do strenuous stuff for now. Mesa took care of scrubbing bathrooms and she mopped floors. Five hours later I came home with more money in hand than I earn at the shop in a full day! The lady also scheduled us to return each month! AND on the way home, I got called by another lady wanting me and she said her friend wanted me too, as well as my boss's sister. YAY! Blessing: check! I split that money with Mesa, so now she has job and since its just the two of us, she learns about the differences in net and gross income...so education plus job for Mesa that doesn't cost ME! YAY! Blessing: check!

Yesterday, Mesa got a phone call from a friend of hers that works at a computer data center in town. This business is owned and operated by a LOT of LDS people and we go to church with most of them, although a few attend wards in our stake, but not ours. Thing is, I think they are ALL active! Safe place to work, you'd think? :D Anyway, he calls her and tells her to be sure she answers the next phone call. She does, and its someone who handles hiring for the company. No, Mesa had NOT put in an application, so yes, big surprise! The lady asked her a few questions and asked if she would be interested in coming in for an interview the next morning. Mesa said YES! That was scary to me. Mesa has to get her drivers license (was going to be anyway, but for the job she'd HAVE to) and then the scheduling...that could be hard on me.

So last night, Mesa and I sat down and analyzed her life. I wrote a resume up for her from that and really highlighted things she had done in her activities. She had to admit she had not realized how much she gotten to do and achieve in her 19 years! I'm proud of that little resume too! Then she got to ironing her shirt so she would have crisp seams to wear to her interview. This morning Manti too her to the interview and he waited in the car for her. She was soooo nervous, so she and I said little prayers while they drove. When she arrived, the receptionist had her sit and wait for the lady. Luckily, the phone rang so Mesa paid attention to how she handled herself on the phone. (The job she's applying for is a receptionist job.) The lady calls her in and starts asking her questions about her resume info. I listed that she got her Young Womanhood Recognition award, so the lady wanted to know what was that. Mesa described it as being like a girls version of an eagle scout award and told her about some of the projects she had done. The lady was impressed. She has a certificate for 2 years of seminary (which burns me up that they wouldn't count her 2 years of home study!) so the lady asked what was that. She was impressed by that and then tested her by asking her to quote scriptures. She did! She wanted to know Mesa's favorite scripture, so Mesa quoted James 1:5 and again, the lady was impressed. She asked about the time Mesa had volunteered at the animal shelter. Mesa had answered phones a few times and I listed that. So she hits a button on the phone, and the phone rings. She tells Mesa to answer it as if she worked there. (Remember that phone call the receptionist took when Mesa first came in?) Mesa answered it very well and quite professionally and then asked how she could help. It was actually the receptionist that called, and she asked for a person at another department. The phone is labeled with departments, so Mesa transferred the call to the right department and impressed the interviewer again. She asked why she answered that way and Mesa said she listened when the other call came in and followed that example. The lady was glad because that actually reported on the other receptionist who was supposed to be following a script!

All in all, my little girl was a grown up today and presented herself very well. Her hours are only 2 days a week, the same 2 each week, and they match her present schedule PERFECTLY! I couldn't ask for better! She'll be paid more than minimum wage (Manti grumbles about that) and will be able to tend to her own needs and save for her wants. YAY! Blessing: check!

Glad Manti is going on a mission. I'm going to miss him so much and cry a lot too,....but I'm so grateful to him because he is giving us some much needed relief in the form of blessings and the ability to SEE them for what they are. For a change, I think my ends are going to meet!


  1. THERE'S my sister! I knew she was in there somewhere!

  2. That's great news to hear, Mar! All my best to Mesa.